Unlike the other member's of the Revolucion team whose 
music careers started in and around the Dj booth, Dutch based producer Tim came across Ableton Live by accident and was instantly drawn into the world of music production. Soon he was spending every day without compromise locked away in the studio learning his own way of producing high quality underground beats.

In a digital age of software, VST's and plug-ins it is quite refreshing to see Tim at work in his studio as he composes and plays all his own music, each piece of work he creates is 100% original and in that way very distinctive. Expect live organs played over live pianos,  over live baselines and so on. 
Baselines, melodies, beats, vocals – mixing everything together just like in the days before computers became the norm.

As a live-act, Tim creates grooves out of a mix of hardware and his tracks taken apart into samples, mixed on the fly many layers deep to create his distinct live-act sound. Taking good care of harmony and playing with this to create a journey with combinations of exclusively his own work to lift the crowd! Each set brings new grooves that might never be played like this again. With all funky elements just one finger tap away, Tim Deetakt creates a continuous journey through his sounds that will move any crowd!
TIM DEETAKT is available for Worldwide "Live production set" bookings