A man that is certainly no stranger to the world of electronic music, Francois Bresez has been one of the leading figures in the vibrant underground house movement in his native city of Frankfurt, Germany since first developing his love for all things electronic back in the late 1990's.

The start of the new millenium saw Francois begin working the club and festival Dj circuit in and around Germany, often sharing the booth with his very good friend El Marco, the pair holding residencies at Frankfurt's premier venues Klubmelodicand Stadt am Meer along with Jenseits over in Darmstadt.

On the production front Francois has seen his studio career blossom since his debut release back in 2012, now sitting pretty with a whole host of quality releases to his name on labels such as Ushuaia Music, Dear Deer, Sempai Music and of course Revolucion. Francois' hard work and dedication to all things electronic will stand him in good stead for the future, both in the studio and Dj booth's across Europe and beyond.

FRANCOIS BRESEZ is available for Worldwide Dj bookings